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Our mission

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Our mission at Bright Stock is to make the world a greener and more sustainable place by offering innovative eco-packaging that not only protects products but also helps protect the environment

With a commitment to quality and sustainability, we create packaging that inspires change and
contribute to creating a more balanced future
for our planet and future generations.

Each of our packaging is carefully designed and manufactured from high-quality materials, ensuring reliable protection of your products during transport.

Our team

Dimitar Bochev
Manufacturing Director
Hristo Vatashki

Pioneers in Innovation

We are the first company in our country to present the paper babble on the Bulgarian market. But innovation doesn't stop there. We also offer a variety of other sustainable packaging materials such as paper tape, tape dispensers, biodegradable bubble wrap, honeycomb stretch paper and more.


Everyone's partner

We serve both large industrial companies and smaller businesses and online stores. Our mission is to help each of our partners make environmentally friendly choices for the packaging and protection of their goods.


Sustainable Philosophy

The values we promote and follow are firmly focused on sustainable development. We believe in a circular economy, in actions to reduce the negative impact on the environment and in plastic-free packaging.


At Bright Stock Ltd. we believe that every product deserves packaging that is not only functional but also good for our planet.

Our mission is to provide industry and small businesses with innovative, environmentally friendly solutions that secure goods without burdening the environment.

For Brighter and
sustainable future!

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